My Internship Experience at Family Futures

My internship Experience

Family Futures is an organization that believes every child deserves a chance to thrive. The programs and resources they provide are a wide range of support for West Michigan parents, teens and families. As the first video intern at Family Futures I have been given the opportunity of creating video guidelines and procedures for the company to go by for all of their future video media needs and those who are not media and tech savvy.

My largest project for this organization was working on the Service to Children Awards. This is an award given to local volunteers and organizations members by recognizing their outstanding efforts throughout the year.I worked very close with my video mentor Brett Atwood who is also a Ferris State TDMP graduate who is currently working with WOOD TV8. Together we interviewed, filmed and edited the STCA videos. During this project I was responsible for contacting all winners and their supporting interviewees, site locations, interview scripts, video graphics and animation.

During my internship I have had numerous experiences within the greater Grand Rapids community. I have gotten to meet and work with Mayor George Hartwell (City of Grand Rapids MI), Eva Aguirre Cooper the Community Affairs Director at WOOD TV8/WOTV 4/WXSP, Professor john a. powell (UC Berkeley Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society), YWCA and Kent County Health Department just to name a few. With my knowledge in Television and Media Production I have successfully worked on 13 community media related projects for Family Futures. Which are posted to their YouTube channel and local cable access channel 24.

The most recent and final worked I have completed for Family Futures is creating four storyboard concepts for a new Welcome Promo Video and three videos for all three of the programs they have provide to the community. Over all these past 6 months have been a great experience and I have found my passion to work closely within my local community.

Overall I have been blessed with being placed with perfect internship site, and everyone that supported me during this chapter in this book of “Life”. Good news is that my book is still being written and I am ready to keep improving my skills in Media Production.


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