This shoot today will involve 3 families and their children who are in both of these program. The types of things I will be recording : Tummy time and baby lifting heard up, Holding rattle, Climbing on the playground, walking , stacking blocks, drawing and play in the park. Along with these shots I will be getting the parents talking and interacting with the children as well as each other.

If you are curious on more bout what my internship does follow the link below or read about the programs.


Questionnaires to Inform You

Connections families receive a series of age-specific questionnaires, called the Ages and Stages Questionnaire. These questionnaires enable parents to track their child’s development. Play activities are used to encourage healthy development and identify any concerns which we, in turn, will follow up on. Here are some examples of questions you’ll be asked to answer with a “Yes”, “Sometimes”, or “Not Yet”.

  • When in front of a large mirror, does your baby smile or coo at herself? (6 months)
  • Does your child stack three small blocks or toys on top of each other by himself? (18 months)
  • Does your child jump with both feet leaving the floor at the same time? (30 months)

Trained workers provide parents with feedback including whether there are any developmental concerns to follow up on. Once enrolled, parents receive an ASQ every two to six months along with developmental newsletters and playtime ideas for infants and young children. Click here to see a sample ASQ.



Get Great Support

Kent County Healthy Start gives mothers and fathers the support and encouragement they need. Our goal is to make sure you’re getting the most out of your child and your child the most out of life!

Receive encouragement from our parent coaches over the phone, or we can come to your home. Healthy Start also provides helpful brochures, online resources, and a survey known as the Ages and Stages Questionnaire to make sure your child is on-track and making good progress. Any parent in Kent County with a child under three months old is eligible to sign up for Healthy Start.

A Lifetime of Results for Your Child

Healthy Start is about strengthening the bonds between parent and child. And it’s working. Last year:

  • 346 families were served
  • 95% of children served were on-track developmentally
  • 93% of children completed their immunizations per AAP recommended schedule
  • 100% of children had a primary care physician

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