Monitors: Does Size Really Matter?

Sitecore Hacker

Over the last 15 years, I’ve been exposed to a number of varying working conditions that either enhanced or negated my productivity. In the last 6 years though, one working condition that I have become increasingly used to (and at an alarming rate) is how much I love my dual 30 inch monitors at work. So much so, that I have almost taken them for granted. Recently, I had an opportunity to explore another company and look at their working conditions. The culture was good, but the one thing I noticed was how small their monitors were. Their developers were using 17 inch monitors or worse, the laptop screen. It made me realize how much I appreciated my monitors and the ability that my company had to spend that money on those monitors.


However, that got me thinking… Does size really matter? It’s a question often asked with a different…

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