Love & Hate to… Avid or to Premiere…That is Thee Question!!

After working with Avid for most of my time at Ferris I thought I had  Adobe Premiere down to a science. I was wrong…my professor who loves Avid has gotten me so spoiled on working with that particular program. I have come to the understanding that in fact they are two very different programs when it comes to asset management. Reason being I love to re arrange files and folders in the mist of editing. Big NO NO for Premiere! Yes, I have learned the hard way and now completely understand no to do this ever again in life!! lol Which means I will now never see the dreaded media offline in my window with color bars. Yes..yes I should have know this from before but I didn’t have those problems working with Avid. But hey plus side to this little rant is that I now know Avid and have a very good understanding that what happens in Avid stays in Avid and doesn’t with Premiere. 

Now that I have that together I see Premiere and I doing great things in the future…It’s all a learning experience for me right now and I am glad I understand a lot more of how it operates now. 🙂 


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