Diatribe: Coming Out As A Convicted Murderer On A TV Dating Show.



LuckOfTheDrawI had to stay home sick one day last week.  It was a lay-on-the-sofa-with-a-box-of-tissues day.  I curled up under a blanket with my dog and did absolutely nothing but watch television, eat a microwave meal from the freezer and try to get some rest.  Once my DVR was emptied I was quickly reminded that there are some unbelievably bad programs on television during the daytime.  There are several talk shows that feature a group of co-hosts all talking at the same time (The View, The Chew, etc.), countless opportunities to watch people cook foods that you’ll never prepare yourself (The Food Channel, The Cooking Channel) and shop for homes that you’ll never buy (House Hunters, etc.), plus there are several programs that pass themselves off as “talk shows” featuring outlandish guests that even the most creative writers couldn’t imagine on their best day of work (

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