Beat This!!

Ok I just had a rant about how very sensitive the beat headphones are. Now I just found out Dr. Dre has sold his Beats to Apple and is currently now the wealthiest rap artist ever. I don’t care about that part, what I do care about is that if they add the Beat Software in IPhones…I swear hearing loss with be the next health crisis, not in America but around the world. You can not listen to those things all day. my laptop has the Beats installed and I have the headphone also. They both can not run at the same time….Beats has its own operating system when on computers. I turned up the Volume on 20 by accident and almost had to go to the hospital.

Besides my rant I think they are awesome I sometimes have a hard time hearing during editing and I think they are great for just that. But everyday music….you have been warned!!!


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