Walk of Shame: A Movie That Might Just Offend Everyone


The first “walk of shame” I can remember happened my freshman year of college when I hurried across campus in the wee hours of a late October morning wearing a very pronounced bee costume. (Please note: Even though I got back to my dorm with my costume’s stinger hanging between my legs, I wasn’t ashamed.)

My latest walk was less of a stereotype, but it left me feeling far more disgraced. I was leaving a movie aptly titled Walk of Shame. I didn’t feel dirty because my theater emptied into sweaty Times Square (Warning: If a movie is only playing in one theater in all of New York its opening weekend, it’s going to be bad), but rather because I spent 95 minutes of my life listening to unfunny jokes that relied on racial and slut shaming/sex worker bashing stereotypes that weren’t even that original or edgy. Even though…

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