I had my first two shoots a lone last week, the first was and Harrison Park Elementary School in Grand Rapids Michigan. There I filmed the Superintendent of Grand Rapids Public Schools. This event was a cool conversation with three organizations who hosted the event and others in the community. I got to get footage of the tour they gave of the school which is sponsored by many top name universities in the state such as Ferris State University of course, Michigan State and Grand Valley University just to name a few. Each hallway in the elementary school has a different university in it. I thought this was really cool to see as a way to get children an image of higher education. Especially since I wore my TDPM sweater that I love so much so Ferris was well represented. Due to time constraints I will be scheduling another shoot at the elementary school so I can go in and gather more B-Roll for this project.

The second shoot was at Grand Valley State University GR Campus. Where my internship was recognized with an award by Partners FOR A RACISM-FREE COMMUNITY. I got to document the conference and awards and meet and network with a lot of people interested in non-profit organizations. These two shoots already has giving me ideas of future projects for myself.


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