My lightbulb lit up today :)

Just randomly got a spark of inspiration today at my internship! Now how do I pitch this idea to the higher ups šŸ˜‰



Yes the winners for the Service to Children Awards have been announced. That means pre-production and interviews will be schedule for my major project with my internship at Family Futures !!! I already created a potential graphic/lower third for the event I hope everyone likes it!

Next week Friday I have my third solo shoot. I officially have 3 projects going at once, let the force be with me. However, still waiting for the winners to be announced for the Service to Children Awards. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into this project, which is my major project for my internship here at Family Futures.


All this looking around for the perfect Hard drive for my internship and myself has gotten me to think bigger!!! I want to build my own computer but I have not one clue how to do that lol.

The Hard Drive Hunt

Currently doing Ā research on external hard drives and I did not realize that thereĀ are so many types of hard drives. I am patricianly interested in the G brand…speaking of which I really need to find my old one!Ā